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        Dexter Morgan is an achingly smart, strapping fellow who comes from a line of revered cops. He is blood spatter expert for the Miami Metro Police Department, who loves sailing, his sister Deb, and really good Cuban pork sandwiches. Did I mention that he is a serial killer?

        Dexter was rescued by his step-father Harry from a profoundly disturbing life event, at the age of three. This trauma scarred him and in its wake it left a deep, dark secret that lurks beneath his bubbly facade. He has murderous tendencies, but in order to reconcile them with his conscience, he only murders other murderers. He's the dark face of justice who follows his step-father's code. By keeping this code near and dear to his dark heart, he's able to quell his compulsions, avoid detection, and wear the mask of a regular Joe Schmo. For Sgt. Angel Batista, Lt. Maria LaGuerta, his sister Deb, girlfriend Rita and fellow forensics guy Vince Masuka, they couldn't ask for a better guy.

        The award winning series, Dexter, is entering its fourth season September 2009 and it picks up with dearly, devoted, Dexter as a new husband to his bride Rita. This season introduces a character who will challenge Dexter in ways that have never been seen before-his new bundle of joy.


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