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        Watch Mad Men Online

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        Mad Men
        If you ever wondered why you wanted to buy bottle of soda or a pack of cigarettes, there is a little secret you should know. It's not because you magically "felt" like having these truly unnecessary products. It's because someone like Mad Men's Don Draper has plotted and planned to create a DESIRE for you to purchase then.

        Mad Men centers on the work and life of Don Draper, a Madison Avenue advertising executive in the 1960's. For the younger viewer Mad Men sets the stage for all product marketing they have grown accustomed to. For the older viewer, Mad Men is a trip back in time. It helps the viewer understand the ambush in advertisement from their youth. The baby boomer can see what went on behind the scenes and what prompted their parents to buy certain goods when they were kids.

        Man Men also dives into the secrets and deceit behind the scenes that shapes a man like Draper. His womanizing, alcoholism, and overall lack of respect for himself or those he is trying to pitch make him both dynamic and disgusting. This is also what makes Don Draper one of the greatest television characters ever created.

        Everyone likes to believe that they do something because they want to. No One admit the impact of advertising on their daily lives. Not only does Mad Men try to lend some insight onto why this might be a naive view. The show slams it in your face.
        Sunday at 10:00 PM on AMC
        July 19, 2007
        60 minutes


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